Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First day at home in a month!

What a treat this morning to wake up when I felt like it and read in bed for 30 minutes before I even got up! Everything always takes longer than I imagine though. I got some beautiful Italian greens in the ground from Bountiful Gardens. I'll attach a picture when I have a little more time. The bed behind the house is looking beautiful. I hope the racoons and skunks stay away enough that I can harvest soon. The drip irrigation system I put in works like a charm!
Still have to grade a bunch of bioremediation projects - I'm happy with how it turned out and eager to jump in for another inquiry based problem for next quarter. I'll hone my skills at getting the kids to produce meaningful projects each quarter. We're tackling food shed and food systems this quarter - hooray I'll finally have them working on the garden outside our classroom!
Camille and I are hosting a women in permaculture gathering here tonight. It's time the women in my sustainability circles come together and support each other. Especially in the permaculture world! It's been a man's world for a long time. Most of the big teachers in the States are men. I'm excited to help usher in hte next generation of women leaders in the movement!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Opportunity Green Download

Just got back from the Opportunity Green conference. IT was two jam packed days of business leaders and sustainability celebs (I didn't know they existed before) talking to the crowd. There were many opportunities for us little guys to chat amongst ourselves as well. I was there on behalf of Zootopia - a non-profit my friend Carrie Sylvester is developing to have an overnight eco and wildlife educational facility for kids and their families that promotes green living. It's a fantastic idea and I was thrilled to be able to go speak about her project to others. I also got to spread the gospel of permaculture to many and to make some potentially very interesting connections with people. I got to hear Matt Peterson of Global Green give a talk that was incredibly moving and a real call to action. It doesn't hurt that he is also really handsome and (I think) newly single. The biggest surprise was to hear a man from WalMart share some of their green initiatives. I had no idea that Wal-Mart was doing so much! and it was powerful to understand that they aren't doing it to make the planet a better place but just because it is the best R.O.I. (new vocab! Return on Investment) they could do. Super simple financial bottom line. I always knew green was the only way to go. It was refreshing to hear someone from WalMart be so clear about it too. I just with their customers would get the message!
I wish there had been a section on education. I believe that if students were present (high school kids!) and listening to what kind of revolution is afoot in industry we would have a lot more kids choosing business with a focus on environment. Isn't that what we're playing for?
Maybe next year.